Latin America

☛ Latin America at Putney Debater


The Roots of Third Cinema Extracted and re-edited from New Cinema of Latin America, this is provided here for teaching and private viewing only.

☛ Havana Report Report on the Havana Film Festival 1986, directed my Michael Chanan and Holly Aylett, for Channel Four. Festivals: LASA, Boston, 1986.

New Cinema of Latin America
1985. Two-part documentary examining the social and artistic roots of the New Latin American Cinema movement of the 1960s and 70s. Available on DVD from ArtFilms.


The Changing Geography of Third Cinema (Screen Special Latin American Issue Volume 38 number 4 Winter 1997) The history of the concept of Third Cinema,
from the introduction of the term by Solanas and Getino in 1968 to the 1990s. ☛

Cinema in Latin America (1930-1960) and New Cinemas in Latin America (1960-1995)
Two chapters on Latin American cinema from The Oxford History of World Cinema, ed. Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, OUP, 1996 ☛

Documentary in Latin America (2005) (Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film) ☛

The Economic Conditions of Cinema in Latin America (Third World Affairs 1985) ☛

Latin American Cinema in the 90s. Representational Space in Recent Latin American Cinema (EIAL, Vol. 9, No. 1, devoted to “Visual Culture in Latin America”) ☛

Obituary for Fabián Bielinsky

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