Spent or good deal of time setting this up. The theory is that a new website using my service provider to host WordPress will be easier to maintain and keep up to date than a static site, especially when mobile. But the truth is that for all the bells and whistles, it’s typographically more limited, and you certainly have to think differently about the way it works. For anyone thinking of doing something similar, don’t use Safari – it’s not up to it. I lost a few hours before switching to Firefox, and then it went pretty smoothly, although it was still very finnickity.

Why did I do it? Because when I was checking my web site traffic statistics, which I hadn’t done for a long time, I discovered that it had risen to several thousand hits per month. So thank you, dear reader, for this encouragement, and I hope you find the new version useful.

The main differences from the old site are the redesign, which now includes a news page, and since I’ve been uploading a lot of stuff to Vimeo, the incorporation of lots of video. I expect I’ll add stuff in due course.

Since this is not a blog but a website, comments are disabled. Please send any feedback on the site to <michael(at)>.

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