Cuba on Putney Debater


Havana Report
Report on the Havana Film Festival 1986, directed by Michael Chanan and Holly Aylett, for Channel Four. Festivals: LASA, Boston, 1986

Cuba from Inside
Report on human rights in Cuba in 1988,
directed by Michael Chanan, for Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’



☛ Cuban Cinema
University of Minnesota Press, 2004
This is the second edition of ‘The Cuban Image: Cinema and Cultural Politics in
Cuba’ (BFI/Indiana University Press, 1984) Read a review in Afterimage

☛ ‘Memories of Underdevelopment’ by T.G.Alea (Editor)
Rutgers University Press, 1990
Includes the script of the film, the novella by Edmundo Desnoes on which it’s
based, and a collection of readings about the film.

Essays & short pieces

¶ The Changing Geography of Third Cinema (Screen Special Latin American Issue Volume 38 number 4 Winter 1997) The history of the concept of Third Cinema, from the introduction of the term by Solanas and Getino in 1968 to the 1990s.

¶ Play it again, or Old-time Cuban Music on the Screen
(New Left Review, 1999) A review of two music films about ‘rediscovered’ Cuban music: Buena Vista Social Club and Lagrimas Negras.

¶ Remembering Titon An obituary for Tomás Gutiérrez Alea.

¶ Tomás Gutiérrez Alea Entrevisto por Michael Chanan (Encuentro 1, Primavera de 1996)

¶ Titón y lo intertextual (TEMAS no. 27: 63-5, octubre-diciembre de 2001) 

¶ Obituary for Alberto Korda

¶ Obituary for Pastor Vega

¶ Obituary for Humberto Solas

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