Latin America

☛ Latin America at Putney Debater


☛ The Roots of Third Cinema
Extracted and re-edited from New Cinema of Latin America, this is provided here for teaching and private viewing only

☛ Havana Report
Report on the Havana Film Festival 1986, directed my Michael Chanan and Holly Aylett, for Channel Four. Festivals: LASA, Boston, 1986

New Cinema of Latin America
1985. Two-part documentary examining the social and artistic roots of the New Latin American Cinema movement of the 1960s and 70s. Available on DVD from ArtFilms.



☛ The Changing Geography of Third Cinema (Screen Special Latin American Issue Volume 38 number 4 Winter 1997) The history of the concept of Third Cinema, from the introduction of the term by Solanas and Getino in 1968 to the 1990s.

☛ Cinema in Latin America (1930-1960) and New Cinemas in Latin America (1960-1995)
Two chapters on Latin American cinema from The Oxford History of World Cinema, ed. Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, OUP, 1996

☛ Documentary in Latin America (2005)
(Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film)

☛ The Economic Conditions of Cinema in Latin America
(Third World Affairs 1985)

☛ Latin American Cinema in the 90s. Representational Space in Recent Latin American Cinema (EIAL, Vol. 9, No. 1, devoted to “Visual Culture in Latin America”)

☛ Obituary for Fabián Bielinsky

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