Writing on Documentary

☛ Documentary on Putney Debater


Politics of Documentary BFI, 2007
“immensely readable… a thought-provoking perspective… a thoroughly enjoyable workout for the intellect” Vertigo Magazine
“consistently asks probing questions about the turbulent intersections of nonfiction film, cultural theory, and global politics” Cineaste


☛ The State of Documentary at Vertigo Magazine Online

☛ Documentary Film Latin America (2005) (Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film)

☛ The Documentary Chronotope (2000) in Jump Cut

☛ The Maltese Double Cross by Alan Francovitch
(Vertigo Issue 4, Winter 95/95) A review of his film about the Lockerbie disaster.

☛ On documentary: The Zapruder Quotient
(Filmwaves No.4) (Versión en español) Taking the 8mm footage of the Kennedy assassination as a starting point, this article investigates the level of truth and the ethical questions raised by documentaries

☛ On William Raban’s Thames Film

☛ Review of Kees Bakker, ed. Joris Ivens and the Documentary Context

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