The American Who Electrified Russia Credits

Directed, edited and produced by Michael Chanan


With the participation of 
Tariq Ali, Gabriel Chanan, Noel Chanan, David Evans, 
Eric Hobsbawm, Chris Hunter, Misha Iampolsky, 
Eric Jacobson, Harry Keen, Genie Robbins, 
Romila Thapar, Sasha Trone, Raphael Walden

Peter Chappell, Enrica Colusso, 
Michael Chanan, Philippa Daniel

Archive Research
David Evans

Film Archive Research (Washington)
Carren Kaston

Post-production Assistance
Noel Chanan (Photographs), Philippa Daniel (Final Cut Pro)

Technical Assistance (Roehampton)
Xavier Briche, Gary Nickols, Ismar Uzeirovic

Josh Abrams, Peter Majer

With thanks to

Rizwan Akram, Alexandra Ashikhmina, Terryl Bacon,
Lyndie Brimstone, David Chanan, Elizabeth Cowie, 
Trevor Dean, João S. De Oliveira, Aliza El-Dror, 
John Ellis, Jan Faull (BFI), Stanley Forman (ETV), 
Irina Gongarova, Margaret Henry, Pat Kahn, 
Alisa Lebow, Vika Lubitch, Marceline Loridan,
Lawrence Luchoomun, Vibodh Parthasarathi,
Sheila Polinie (Schenectady), Patrick Russell (BFI),
Patience Teibowei, Joram Ten Brink, Keith Tritton,
Michael UwemedimoArchives

National Film & Television Archive, London
Schenectady Museum
NARA and Library of Congress, Washington
Film Images, Paris
Special Collections, UCL
Capi Films, ICAIC, Sasha Trone

Uri Caine Ensemble, The Goldberg Variations
(WDR 3)

Vie tsvey iz Naftule de driter
Yikhes (Trikont US-0179)

Balakirev, 30 Russian Folksongs
Joseph Banowitz (Toccata Classics TOCC0018)

Virgil Thompson, The Plough That Broke the Plains
Cond. Angel Gil-Ordonez (Naxos 636943929124)

Eisler, Kuhle Wampe Suite
(Berlin Classics 0092282BC)

Kao-shan Liu-sui
Shantung Music Society, Liang Tsai-Ping, Director
(Lyrichord LLST 7112)

Ravi Shankar, Music from the Apu Trilogy
(EMI ECLP 3411)

Olary Nazyk, Davka
Vocal by M.Rosin (Kol Zion KZ 1014)

Song of the United Front
Music: Hanns Eisler, Words: Bertolt Brecht
Sung by Ernst Busch (Folkways FH5436)

Made with assistance from the Arts & Humanities 
Research Council and Roehampton University

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