Chronicle of Protest – Credits


Directed and Produced by
Michael Chanan

Michael Chanan
Kaveh Abassian
Enrica Colusso
Philippa Daniel

Edited by
Michael Chanan
Additional editing
Philippa Daniel

Production (New Statesman)
Daniel Trilling

For Banner Theatre
Don Bouzek: filming, video editing
Dave Rogers: filming

Additional Footage
Richard Hering,
Pete Beckworth-Wilson
UCL Occupation video

First of May Band
Musical development and songs arrangements
Vince Pryce: vocals, keyboard, bass, drums
Dave Rogers: lyrics, vocals, guitar
Laura Owen Wright; vocals, guitar, keyboard
Fred Wisdom: vocals, guitar

‘Buen amigo’, Anibal Troilo

Josh Abrams ‧ Terryl Bacon ‧ Anna Burton ‧ Patricio Coll
Jonathan Derbyshire ‧ Gillian Gadsby ‧ Alan Gibbons
James Hunt ‧ Karen Jonason ‧ Andy Keenan
Joe Kelleher ‧ Sophie Mount ‧ Paul O’Prey ‧ Nina Power
Peter Richardson ‧ Lee Salter ‧ Anthony Scully
Eva Slotegraaf ‧ Richard Stainton ‧ Paul Sutton
Dave Tinham ‧ John Wood ‧ John Wyver

Natasha Reid, Lewisham Council
Chelmsford TUC

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